Alumnae Best Practices

Here you will find guidelines based on best practices provided by Delta Gamma Fraternity, the Delta Gamma Foundation, memberplanet's own experience, and how we see most Alumnae use our available tools.
Your group may only want to use specific platform features and not others, but before you get started you will want to start with gaining admin access (step #1). From there you can pick and choose what your group would like to do and follow those guidelines.

1. Gain admin access to your group / add group admins

You will want to login to your group on memberplanet.  Your login will be the email associated with your Delta Gamma account.

Your group’s admin portal will include the name of your group as seen below:


You will know you are in the right place if:

  1. Your group's name (Ex. Athens GA alumnae association) is in the upper left hand corner
  2. The left hand navigation is showing options like Members and Broadcasts
  3. The activity feed is showing past forms created by your group
  4. The Members box is populated with your group's members


If you are already an admin, and you are logged in and seeing your correct group name at the top of the screen, you are all set up as an admin and can begin using the admin tools within the next step or add additional admins into your group.

You will know you are in the wrong place or do not have admin permission if:

  1. The left hand navigation is not showing options for Members or Broadcasts
  2. Your activity feed has no past forms
  3. Your members box has only yourself added
  4. If at any time you were prompted to enter a "Group Name" when logging in

If you have run in to any of the above 5 mentioned things and are in the wrong place, you will want to stop using this group, Do not begin to set up forms, events, donation campaigns or local dues.  This means you are currently not set up as an admin within your group or you are logging in under the incorrect email.

Using an out of partnership group will cause issues when setting up your campaign, as your group will not receive the discounted processing rates available within an in partnership group.

What should you do? Reach out to the memberplanet support team at and include your first name, last name, the email you are trying to login with, as well as your group name and our team can take a look and point you in the right direction.


2. Set-up local dues

memberplanet has collaborated with Delta Gamma Fraternity to provide your chapter with an option to collect dues online or to log dues payments received by your members that directly syncs to the Delta Gamma database.


Once you have logged in to your admin portal, you can begin to set up your group's Invoices for dues payments. Just a reminder, Fiscal Year begins July 1st.  After setting up your dues, you will also be able to set up notifications for your members letting them know how to pay dues online.


Learn how to set up local dues here.

3. Use other online communication or contactless payment options

memberplanet's tools allow you send out critical information to your group, donors, event attendees and more via broadcast text messages or email campaigns.
Broadcast text messages
Reach all your group members in seconds with easy text alerts. This is a great way to quickly send updates, reminders and notifications.
Use text alerts for:

  • Meeting reminders
  • Group notifications
  • Event changes due to weather
  • Founder's Day updates

Learn how to send a text here.

NOTE:  Texting requires additional fees.  Please contact for more details.

Email campaigns

Keep your group, parents & alumnae in the loop with branded email newsletters. Share announcements, photos from sisters abroad, and links to upcoming events and registrations. Email tracking lets you see who has opened and clicked in real-time.

 Use email campaigns for:

  • Local dues requests from members
  • Reminders to event attendees
  • Updates for group members

Learn how to set-up an email campaign here.

Contactless payment options.

memberplanet provides contactless payment options via Events or Payment Forms. Each of these options is fully mobile optimized and allows your group to send out a link to collect funds.


Do you have an event coming up like Founders Day? A custom event site lets you promote and invite guests and ticket payments, generate buzz with comments, RSVP lists and social sharing, and collect payments for tickets or open donations. The memberplanet mobile app lets you scan card payments at the door, no hardware required.

Reminder - If your alumnae group is collecting donations for the Delta Gamma Foundation, you will not want to use an event, you will need to use a donation campaign as this will assure they are tax deductible. 

Use events for:

  • Founders Day
  • Sisterhood/Chapter events
  • Volunteer events

Learn how to create an event site here.


Payment forms

Create branded online forms for registrations and merchandise purchases. Flexible information and payment fields let you create the perfect form in minutes. Automatic reporting organizes all feedback in real-time. 

Use online forms for:

  • Philanthropy signups
  • Swag sales
  • Founders Day auction payments 

Learn how to create a payment form here.