Collegiate Communications

Increase member participation, promote your chapter, and stay connected with your sisters with memberplanet's integrated communication tools. Use templates to send a newsletter to the entire chapter, or target recipients by using a distribution list.

Click on the links below for support documentation.

Create an e-newsletter 
Engage your alumnae and collegiate members by keeping them up to date with a newsletter. You can easily set up an e-newsletter by placing information into one of our easy to use templates!
Learn how to use one of memberplanet's templates to create a newsletter.
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Target your message to specific recipients
Set up a distribution list or use a Smart List to send the newsletter to the entire chapter or targeted recipients.
Learn how to create a distribution list.
Learn how to use a Smart List.


Track your campaigns​
All email campaigns have tracking capabilities to view open, bounced, and delivery rates in order to gauge the effectiveness of your reach and message.
Learn how to view email tracking.

Send broadcast text messages *NOTE:  Additional fees required - please email for details
Set up a Broadcast announcement to send short texts and/or emails to the entire chapter or targeted recipients.
​Learn how to create a Broadcast.
Learn how to track Broadcasts.

Email campaign or Broadcast - what's the difference?

How do I know if our message is ideal for a Broadcast? Here are the top identifiers:




Even when you're  on the go, you can send or schedule a Broadcast through the mobile app. Communicate with your members anytime, anywhere.

Text messages have a 98% open rate. Try sending out a Broadcast.

To create a distribution list from an Excel File:

  1. Download your member database to Excel (to learn how, go here)
  2. Remove rows of any members you do not want on the distribution list
  3. Copy the column labelled OrgID (this is your Delta Gamma iMIS ID)
  4. Paste the data into a blank Excel spreadsheet - it will just be a column of iMIS IDs
  5. In memberplanet, go to Members
  6. Select Manage Distribution lists
  7. Select Add a list in the upper right
  8. Name the list
  9. Click on the tab "Upload member list"
  10. Click "Browse" and add your Excel document with the list of IDs only
  11. If your Excel file has a row with label name at the top, check "Ignore first row of the table" on the right-hand side 
  12. Click Upload
  13. You will receive a preview of your first 5 IDs if done correctly
  14. Choose "Create a list"
  15. Depending on the size of the list, it will take 5-10 minutes for the distribution list to show in your chapter