Chapter Newsletter

Delta Gamma Fraternity and memberplanet have helped create email newsletter templates for your chapter to utilize and send to alumnae. Below are some helpful support directions to get started for your chapter newsletter.


How to create an email campaign:


1. Login into your DG chapter. Don't know your login?  It's the same email address you have on file with Delta Gamma, and you can reset your password on our login page.  Be sure to double check your spam/junk mail for the reset password email or email us at and we'll look it up for you.


2. Click "Emails" on the navigation menu on the left side of the screen


3. Click "Send an email" from the sub-navigation menu


4. On Step 1 fill in the Basic Information including:

  • Your campaign name
  • Email subject line (Spring Newsletter)
  • Sender information
  • You will also have the option to choose HTML or Text only. If you plan to include images, be sure to check HTML!

5. Click Next 


6. Select Recipients for your email:

  • Add distribution Lists by clicking "Choose a list." Select the distribution list titled with your chapter name and alumnae distribution list (for example, Omega Omega chapter would choose the list titled Omega Omega alumnae distribution list)
  • Make sure that you include your ATC, RD, RAS, RCS/CAC/NCC and communications adviser, if you have one. Add totally new recipients manually or through an imported list by selecting the "Add new people" tab.


7. Click Next 


8. Choose between the standard or advanced template by checking the filter for My Custom Templates

  • Choose between the STANDARD - Collegiate Template or ADVANCED - Collegiate Template. You can preview the template by hovering your mouse over the template thumbnail and clicking Preview.


9. On Step 4 the content page, you can fill in your chapters content. Follow the template instructions to add necessary content.

  • If you would like to add your own banner image, click on the image then upload a new photo.
  • To view how recipients will see your draft, scroll down to access a preview. You can either send a test version by filling out the Send Test option or you can preview your email URL by clicking View Webpage. Please send a test version to your ATC/CAC/NCC before sending to your distribution list.

10. Once you are satisfied with the draft click Next

  • Review your campaign summary and choose whether to save your current email as a template, or just click Next 
  • Customize when you would like to send your email
  • Click Next 
  • You are able to send your email "Now" or you are able to send the email at a later date by selecting "Send this email later" and selecting a future date and time


11. Click Finish to finalize and send your email. 


Still have questions? Submit a request hereWe are in the office Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm PT.