How to Add Admins and Roles

Before you begin setting up admins, you will want to ask yourself a couple of questions. What kind of access does this admin need? Do I want to limit that admins access to tools within our group?


In the world of productivity, delegating work to your group’s admins or officers is just as important as doing the work yourself. One way to effectively do this is by assigning and editing admin roles – not by giving your login information to others. This ensures that those you’ve tasked with managing your group have access to the tools they need defined by the permissions assigned to them.

Assign admin access to a member

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Admins
  2. Select the gear icon for the role you’d like to assign or edit
  3. Click Add This Role to Members from the dropdown menu


4. Select the checkbox next to the member(s) you want to assign the role to

5. Click Assign Role to Selected Members at the bottom right


On the View Leaders page you will be redirected to, you will need to send the activation email to the admin(s) you have assigned. The admin(s) will need to access this email to claim and activate their administrative account.

6. Click the Send Activation Email button for the admin(s) you wish to activate


An onscreen notification will appear to confirm that the email has been sent. Close the notification to return to the View Leaders page.


Once admins claim their account, they will be able to access the admin portal.

Creating New Admin Roles

Each group has at least one full-access admin. A full-access admin can assign this role to other admins as well as edit others’ permissions and roles. To help manage your chapter, you can assign an unlimited number of admins and create an unlimited number of roles.

Limited Access Roles can be set up to allow an admin access to only select portions of the admin portal. For example if your role is Communications, that admin will only need access to Emails and Broadcasts. A new role can be set up that allows that admin to only access those two options. 


Important note: Users with the full-access admin role are able to remove roles from other admins, which could inadvertently prevent them from being able to manage the group. Do not assign the full-access admin role to anyone unless you would like her to have the ability to revoke other admin’s roles.


1. On the left navigation bar, click Admins


2. Click the Add a New Role button on the top right



3. Type the name of your role in the Role Name field

4. Select the features you want the admin to have access to

When selected, the permissions associated with the feature appears. The default permissions is set to Edit & View.


5. If you desire to only assign view permissions, select Only View

6. Click the Save & Close button at the bottom


**NOTE: A member should only ever be assigned to one role at a time. Assigning a member to multiple roles can cause issues with the roles causing them member to have issues with viewing features. If a member needs specific permission to modules that have been selected to be available for multiple roles your group has set up, rather than assign them to two roles, set up one new one and assign the individual to the one special role rather than two.