Alumnae FAQs

"My alumnae group officers do not have admin access, what should we do?"

  • Admin access can be granted by any current admin with full access to your group on memberplanet. If there is no current full access admin for the alumnae group, you will need to reach out to EO for assistance with having the administrators changed for your alumnae group.

"Our alumnae group has a new bank account and needs to make updates, what do we do?"

"I need to issue a refund for a collected payment, how do I issue refunds?"

  • Your current admins with Full Admin Access or Reports Access have the ability to issue refunds to individuals who have submitted payments to your group.  Steps to issue a refund are below.
    • On the left navigation bar, click Reports
    • Select the person you're issuing a refund to
  • On the payment details screen, click Issue a Refund
  • Add any refund notes
  • Select the method of refund and click Submit

"Our form is saying it is locked, what should we do?"

  • As a security precaution, if an individual attempts to fill out a payment form, event or donation campaign with payment information that is invalid too many times in a row, this will lock your form. Contact our Support Team:, and include the name of your group as is shown in your admin portal in the upper left hand corner, the name of the form and the link to the form, and our team will be happy to assist with having the form unlocked.

"I've tried resetting my memberplanet password but am not getting an email, what should I do?"

  • If you are not receiving a reset password there is one of three things going on:
    • You may be trying to reset an email not associated to your profile. Remember your profile will be associated to the same email as is associated to your Delta Gamma database account 
    • You have unsubscribed from memberplanet emails and the reset cannot be sent to you 
    • You have an issue with your profile.

Our Support Team will be happy to take a look. Please send an email to and include your first and last name, alumnae group name, the email you are trying to login/reset.

"Our alumnae group collected funds on a payment form or event page but have not seen the funds transfer to our bank account, what should we do?"

  • If your group has set up a form and collected funds, but have not seen funds post to your transfer reports, you will want to check that your group's banking is verified and that your group has associated the form to a bank.
  • If your group's banking is not verified, you will want to complete the verification process.
  • Associating a form to a bank lets the system know your group is ready to receive the funds in a transfer.
  • Follow these steps to add a bank account to your event/form to have the funds transferred to your group during your next transfer period:
    • Log on to memberplanet
    • Click the type of form in main navigation bar on the left side of the screen
    • Click the form name you wish to link a bank account to be taken to the form admin page
    • Click the section labeled 'Select a bank account to deposit funds'
    • Use the drop-down menu to choose the account, or to add a new one

"Our alumnae group is using a form to collect payments, when will the funds be transferred to our bank account and how frequently does that occur?"

  • Transfers will occur based on the frequency your group has selected, most groups select a weekly transfer, but occasionally we do see groups that select monthly transfers.
    • Transfers that have been set up as weekly will occur on a weekly basis each Wednesday. 
    • Monthly transfers will occur on the first Wednesday of the month and include all funds collected within the previous month.
  • Deposits typically take 3 - 4 business days to reach your account. Most groups will receive their transfers on the Friday of each week.  If there is a  holiday on Monday, transfers will be delayed by one business day.

"I want to update my profile to my alumnae group position email, can I update my profile?"

  • We do not recommend setting up your profile with an alumnae group email.

If you would like to update your profile email to a different email address, an admin for your alumnae group can complete that update at any time within the member database.

"I am not seeing a member added in to our alumnae group on memberplanet, why is this member not showing?"

  • This could be for several potential reasons.  If a member is not appearing within your database in your memberplanet group, there is likely an issue with the profile being synced from the Delta Gamma database. You will want to reach out to Delta Gamma to request additional information on having the member updated.  You can contact to learn more about this situation.

"Our alumnae group would like to add a link to pay dues, where can we get one?"

  • Delta Gamma strongly discourages you from using payment forms and links to payment forms for local dues.   The best option for your local dues is to set them up using the Invoices/QuickPay feature in memberplanet.   The instructions found in Dues Set Up Step 3 will assist you in making sure these are set up correctly.  Using the Invoices/QuickPay method ensures that local dues will appear for members when you receive a per capita dues communication from EO and it ensures all payments will automatically sync with the Anchorbase platform. 

"New members have been added to our alumnae group, but cannot pay dues, how can we fix that?"

  • If your group did not originally set up your dues charge to auto-assign the dues charge to any new members, you will need to use the steps on the dues set up section to add the member as an additional dues recipient.
    • Click Invoices on the left navigation bar
    • Select Manage Quickpay Charges
    • Click directly on the charge name 
    • Select Add more recipients option on the right- hand side of the screen
    • Choose the member(s) from the list
    • Select Next
    • Send the email charge to the member(s)
  • To prevent this in the future:
    • Go back to the charge dashboard
    • Click on "Edit more charge settings..."
    • Change Auto-assign to "Enabled"
    • Save

"When I try to send out an email for dues, it is not going out, what am I doing wrong?"

  • When setting up your local dues charge, you may have skipped the assign dues charge step. You will need to assign the charge to your members before you send the email.
    • Click Invoices on the left navigation bar
    • Select Manage Quickpay Charges
    • Click directly on the charge name 
    • Select Add more recipients option on the right-hand side of the screen
    • Select "Add this charge to all of my members"
    • Click Next
    • Send out a dues email if you so chose

"A member of a different alumnae group would also like to be a member in ours, how can I add them to our alumnae group in memberplanet?"

  • Members located within your region will automatically sync from Delta Gamma's database to your alumnae group on memberplanet. However, if you have a member out of your area who would also like to be a member of your alumnae group, you will first need to add this member to your roster via the add members task in your group's Anchorbase,  Follow the help text in each step to first add the member in Anchorbase, then allow 24 hours for the sync to take place before this member appears in your memberplanet group". 

"How do I download my member roster?

  • To download your member roster, please do the following:
    • Go to Members on left-hand menu
    • On the right, click View all members
    • On the right, click Export the database
    • If you receive a message that you will get an email when ready, then wait for that email
      • Note: The email link to the download may not work, but if it does, a new browser tab will open and you can download from there.
    • Once email is received, or if you are not prompted to wait for an email, go back to Members on the left-hand menu  
    • On the right, click "View downloads"
    • Download your database to Excel.