The days of paper invitations are over. memberplanet has all of the tools you need to plan the perfect event for your group. Planning and managing an event online through the platform is not only convenient, but also a huge time saver. Whether you’re planning a big event, such as an annual fundraiser, a small get-together, or anything in between, all of the features you need are right at your fingertips.



  • Create an event
  • Customize your event site
  • Sell tickets to an event
  • Sell event merchandise
  • Select a bank account to deposit funds
  • Set up your guest list
  • Send invitations
  • Sharing an event on social media
  • How to view your event
  • How to enable the event check-in feature
  • How to add a participation tracker to an event
  • How to edit or manually complete check-in for members
  • How to view the event check-in report
  • Record an RSVP or offline payment
  • View event responses
  • View/edit RSVPs
  • Copy an event
  • Collect payments with the mobile app
  • View email history
  • Share an event on an external site

Create an event

  1. In the left navigation bar, hover over Events and click Create an Event
  2. Fill out the standard event information: event title, start and end times, venue, address, and a customized description of the event


3. Click the Quick-add button to make your event live right away, or choose Save & Customize to access more advanced options including: RSVPs, ticket sales, merchandise sales, invitations, adding custom photos and videos, and more


Note: The description field is your chance to detail the event in a personal way. Spruce it up and get your members and guests excited about coming. The more descriptive the better.


​​Customize your event site

  1. Adding a personal touch to your upcoming event is a great way to boost excitement, and better establish a connection to your group.  The more engaged members are in a group, the more successful that group will be.
  2. Click on Events in the left navigation bar
  3. Select Manage Events from the submenu
  4. Click on the event name
  5. Scroll down to the Event Page section and select Customize With Videos, Images, & Other Content



From here you can customize the following:

  • Event page URL
  • Header
  • Banner image (900 px wide recommended)
  • Description box (520 px recommended for photos)
  • Videos
  • Photo albums
  • Comments​


To edit each section, simply click on the section, make desired changes, then hit Save and Close


Sell tickets to an event


Admins can sell tickets on an event site through the platform

  1. On the left navigation bar, hover over Events and select Manage Events
  2. Click on the event name
  3. Scroll down to the RSVPs & Tickets section and select Tickets & Payment Items
  4. On the Basics tab, fill out the information fields to create a ticket for the event, including inventory limits, and click Save

There are two custom settings you can apply to your ticket sales:

  1. Custom time frame for ticketing. For example, set up an early-bird ticket window
  2. Variable ticket pricing. For example, set different prices for members and non-members
  • Click the Dates Available tab to select a ticketing window
  • Select the Special Pricing tab
  • Click the Edit button for the event ticket you wish to create special pricing for
  • Select Custom Pricing
  • To set separate prices for each member level, click Customize by Member Level. A field will appear for each of your membership levels. Fill in the dollar amount for each level, as well as pricing for non-members.
  • To set separate prices for members and non-members, fill in the dollar amounts.


Click Save once complete

Pro Tip: There may be times when you need to make event tickets mandatory, such as when you have limited tickets. To make tickets mandatory, check the Required to Attend the Event box.

​ Hit Save, or click New Ticket/item and repeat the process

​Note: By default, the Convenience Fee, which is the processing fee deducted from payments collected on the system, is charged to the organization.

To assign the convenience fee to the payer, click More Options.
Underneath Convenience Fee, select the radio button The Person Making the Payment Will Pay the Fee.​


Click Save & Close when done

Sell event merchandise


Event merchandise can be sold on your event signup page. This feature is perfect for selling additional fundraising items, such as raffle tickets.


  1. On the left navigation bar, hover over Events
  2. Select Manage Events
  3. Click on the event name
  4. Scroll down to the RSVPs & Tickets section and select Tickets & Payment Items
  5. Click the New Ticket/Item button
  6. Enter the merchandise item name, price, and limit per person
  7. If there is a limited number available, include a total inventory limit
  8. Click Advanced Options​
  9. Include a detailed description of the merchandise item
  10. You can also use this space to insert a picture of the product