Alumnae Organization Dues Setup


Create a new QuickPay dues charge

The following steps will assist you in how to create your local alumnae dues charges for the new year through a QuickPay Request. The QuickPay method is the
preferred method of setting up dues payments to ensure it is linked with all Fraternity (EO) per capita dues asks. Please note to update the dues fiscal year to current cycle.  (Example: Local Alumnae Dues 2020-2021)


Click Here to watch a Step-By-Step Instructional Video 

How to create a QuickPay Request for Alumnae Group Dues:

1. Log into memberplanet

2. Click "Invoices" from the side navigation bar

3. Click "Add a QuickPay charge" from the sub-navigation menu

4. Name your charge (Example: "Local Dues 2020-2021")

5. Choose a charge type (three different types to choose from):

  • Fixed: one exact amount (ex: $20 per person)
  • Open: payer can choose how much they want to pay (ex: additional donation/contribution 2014-115, Hannah's Helping Hand)
  • Multi-choice: payer can choose one of multiple options (ex: tiered membership levels where a member can choose which level from a choice) Examples: (Bronze, Pink, and Blue Levels) (regular member, new alumnae, recent graduate,  50 year member, etc)