Mobile App

Give your members a place to touch base with your group on the go!



The memberplanet iPhone and Android apps streamlines everything from your group's account on one simple mobile interface. When your members download the app they will have a simple place to check for all the updates, reminders and action items you send. 
News Feed
The group feed is your source for all updates. It populates with new surveys, polls, events, donation campaigns and emails in real time. Each item can be opened, viewed and shared socially right from the app. You can even make payments on the go with your credit card or e-check! Feed filters let members instantly view upcoming events on the chapter calendar and photo albums. 

Make Payments on the go
Members can scan their own cards to register for upcoming events or make donations.

Favorites Feed
If you are a member of multiple groups on memberplanet you can view group feeds independently or as a combined feed. View a single group feed, a combined feed of all groups, or use the favorites feature to create a custom feed. This is a great way to keep scheduling straight with a synthesized calendar.

Get Reminders
View notifications in the upper right corner of your screen. When you see red numbers appear, you know you have a pending announcement or action item. When you respond to an item, it will disappear from your notifications.

You juggle a lot - memberplanet wants to make it easier! The History feature keeps track of all your past actions on memberplanet. You can always check here to see where you've donated, registered for an event, or submitted a survey or poll response.

Share the app
Send a broadcast announcement notifying members about the custom chapter app - all broadcasts automatically include download links on both email and SMS platforms.