Alumnae Organization Dues Setup

Create a new QuickPay dues charge

The following steps will assist you in how to create your local alumnae dues charges for the new year through a QuickPay Request.  Please note to update the dues fiscal year to current cycle.  (Example:  Local Alumnae Dues 2016-17)

Click Here to watch a Step-By-Step Instructional Video

How to create a Quick Pay Request for Alumnae Group Dues:

1. Log into MemberPlanet

2. Click Invoices from the main menu

3. Click "Add a QuickPay charge" from the sub-navigation menu

4. Name your charge (Example: "Local Alumnae Chapter Dues 2014-15")
5. Choose a charge type (three different types to choose from)

    • Fixed: one exact amount (ex: $20 per person)

    • Open: payer can choose how much they want to pay (ex: additional donation/contribution 2014-115, Hannah's Helping Hand)

    • Multi-choice: payer can choose one of multiple options (ex: tiered membership levels where a member can choose which level from a choice) Examples: (Bronze, Pink, and Blue Levels) (regular member, new alumnae, recent graduate,  50 year member, etc)

6. Select a bill date and a set the close date to 6/30 to coincide with the fiscal year.

7. Select members for your charge. check members from your list, choose a distribution list, add new members, or apply charges to all members.

8. Click Next
9. Send an email announcement. Skip this step by un-checking the box at the top. (Do NOT send an email until ALL of your dues charges are setup)
    • Your email will include a direct button for each member to pay their charge
    • Customize the subject line and body text by hovering the mouse and clicking "edit"

    • Note: You will also have the opportunity to send a more customized email through Emails using a QuickPay button.

10. Click "Save and Finish" below (or send now if you are sending an email immediately)
11. Click "Select a bank account to deposit funds" and make sure your bank account is applied. Follow the instructions to add a bank account.

12. Click "Create a Pay Now button for email campaigns" and add a button for future use (ex: email newsletter, dues request, etc)

13. Repeat steps 1-10 for additional charges (ex: additional donations/contribution, philanthropy contribution, panhellenic dues, etc)

1. Click "Customize payment alerts" to notify your alumnae officers of dues payments made.
2. Click "Add a customized thank-you message" to apply thank you text to the member's email receipt or add an email campaign
3. Click "Schedule an email about this charge" to send out future emails

Additional Notes:  
To see how to view the payments collected from a quick pay request, please Click Here 
To lean more information about advanced options for a quick pay request Click Here